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Whitney Scott Mathers – Facts About Eminem’s Daughter

Whitney Scott Mathers

Whitney Scott Mathers is daughters of American rapper Eminem. In this article, we will look at various aspect of her life

American rapper Eminem has three daughters. Whitney Scott Mathers the youngest she is the biological daughter of Eminem ex-wife, Kimberly from other man relationship. Eminem adopted her, he mentions her a lot in his songs and general curiosity about his relationship with Whitney.

Eminem is very quiet about his personal life, but when it comes to his daughters, he expresses his love towards them. Kimberly got married to Eminem in 1999 after having a long relationship which resulted in the birth of Hailie Jade soon after divorced. Eric Hatter tattoo artist began a brief relationship with Kim. As a result, Witney was born in 2002. Eminem adopted her legally, and she lives with the other two daughters in his house.

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Personal Life

She was born on 2002 April 16 from Eminem ex-wife called Kimberly from other man relationship Eric Hatter. She has two sisters, Hailie and Alaina.

Whitney Scott Mathers studied in high school and good in academics. Whitney is more attached to Hailie whom she looks up to and loves Alaina.

Personal Facts

Witney was born 16 April 2002 USA state called Missouri. She currently 17years old studied in  St. Joseph, Missouri, and her sun sign are Aries.

Whitney hobbies


By viewing her social media account, an Instagram account she uses under the name of WhitneyScott8. She seems to have a massive interest in nature animals, and music concerts of one direction often see in the post. Already have a fan base almost 20 k followers are following her on Instagram


  • Father: Marshall Bruce Mathers III Eminem
  • Mother: Kimberly Anne Scott
  • Siblings: Alaina Marie Mathers, Hailie Jade
  • grandparents of Whitney Scott

Whitney as more than two grandparents as a result of having two fathers, biological and foster. Her grandparents from Eminem Side are Deborah R.Nelson-Mather  and Marshall Bruce Mathers Jr.

Mother Side: Casimer sluck and Kathleen sluck.

Then her Biological father, Eric Hatter Marie Hatter.

Whitney Being featured in Eminem Music

Eminem works almost 60 hours a week so he can spend time with her daughter and provide the best childhood, not the one he had. Even asked Whitney to write lyric of is “Aint nutting.” song he uses his music to express his love to her daughter.

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Rumors About Dating

Whitney keeps her private life very low as she has a boyfriend rumor even dating anyone probably she will strictly keep her private life and stay away from media and gossips

Family Background

As we dig in the past of  American rapper, Eminem has a long history of abusing drugs and physical violence. He and Kim fell in love in mid 90 and decided to get married in 1999. Their first daughter Hailie was born in 1995 but could not resolve personal issues between Eminem and Kim.

Kim has a history of cheating with other men. Eminem caught her several times, and it resulted in physical violence. Eminem got booked by police in 2001 after that he divorced Kim.

After their divorced Kim Started dating tattoo artist called Eric hatter, Kim gave birth to Whitney on 16 April 2002. She could not meet her biological father because he was on the run for several years.

In 2002 Eminem decided to adopt Whitney as Kim, her mother has a drug-addicted and troubled woman. Once again, Kim and Eminem choose to be in a relationship, but it ended very badly.

Kim mentioned in one of her interviews that Eminem was an excellent father of his daughter the fact Whitney being the young one.

Whitney Net Worth

As she still in high school, we can’t tell how much net worth she has her life ahead but live $190 million US Dollar $190 million US Dollar house.

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[…] Recommended to read: Whitney Scott Mathers – Facts About Eminem’s Daughter […]

[…] Recommended to read: Whitney Scott Mathers – Facts About Eminem’s Daughter […]

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