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The Bitter Truth Of Mavis Leno – 2019

Mavis Leno

Mavis Leno is an American Philanthropist and feminist.  She is the famous wife of the former TV show host Jay Leno’s, The Tonight Show. For more than three and a half centuries, the couple was married together. Mavis is also the chairwoman of the feminist campaign called Stop Gender Apartheid in Afghanistan.

She was born on 5th September 1946 in San Francisco as Mavis Elizabeth Nicholson. She has American Nationality with white ethnicity. Her birth sign is Virgo.


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Parents of Mavis Leno and Siblings

Mavis Leno is the daughter of EA Nicholson, and Victoria Edith Chance also has no brother or sisters. Marvis is highly capable of hiding information about her siblings. Hope to share data with the general public one day.

Early Life, and Education

Mavis Leno wanted to be a jockey. However, her father refuses it by giving the reason it’s not suitable for a woman. In Mavis, this created a strong degree of anger and resistance to regulations and so distinct between males and females. Regarding Mavis ‘ formal schooling, unfortunately, there is no information.


Mavis Leno

Mavis Leno and Jay met first time 1976 in store in Los Angeles and get well on with each other. After being into love relationship for a long time. The couple exchange vowed on 30th November 1980 around the surrounded of their families and friends.

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Mavis Leno’s Husband – Jay Leno

He is born as James Douglas Muir Leno on the 1950 28th April in the New York States. He is professional comedian actor, and television host is best known for The Tonight Show With Jay Leno aired in 1992 to 2009. When the show was closed down because of the controversy between Jay and Conan O’ Brien. Jay is the son of a homemaker, Catherine, and Angelo, of Scottish and Italian descent.

No Children

Well, it seems surprising the couple is married from last 40 years. In one of the TV interview couple revel, they don’t want children.

The profession played a crucial role because of Jay as dedicated is life to TV hosting and acting in movies. Marvis was busily involved in her social work.  Mostly the Feminist Majority Campaign in Afghanistan to Stop Gender Apartheid.


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The comedian husband

Mavis Leno husband

Well, one of the reasons Marvis came to media limelight is surely the husband. Jay Leno is the best stand up comedian as we know very well. He was born in 1950 28th April in New York. Jay Leno gets paid around 30  million annually for Tonight Show With Jay Leno. He Stared his career acting on March 2, 1977. The Standup comedian net worth is approximately 400 million.


Mavis works with several charity organizations for many years, and she has been the chairperson for the feminist Campaign to Stop Gender Apartheid by the Majority Foundation. In 1999 she and her husband donated $100k for educating the people primarily Afghan woman, under the Taliban.

Mavis Leno’s Net Worth And House

Mavis never revealed her net worth. However, it believes it’s in millions. Her husband has around 400 million net worth, according to a celebrity magazine. He earns around $15 million salaries from his work. Mavis Leno lives in the mansion in Rhode Island. The house has an sq.ft of 15,851 and sits on a plot of 9 acres. The house has previously been listed for $17.5 million, according to realtor.com. Also, her partner is renowned for his garage and vehicles. Some of his collections of cars include:

  • Oldsmobile Tornado=$150k
  • R8 Spyder Audi=$157k
  • Stanley Steamer 1909=$185k
  • Lamborghini Countach=$215k
  • Special Blastolene=$350k
  • Chrysler Turbine 1963=$415k
  • McLaren F1=$970k
  • McLaren P1 2014=970k

What Marvis Leno working on now

Mavis Leno is working on to raise money for training Midwives. She said it’s not hard to train a young woman to be midwives. It’s culturally completely acceptable and gives the girl more status in society and provide some earning power. We would like to see financing [ for ] tiny, native NGOs because they are doing the work for a hundredth of the cash the large organizations are doing. They do this with much higher cultural sensitivity, as they are part of the culture.

Another Interesting fact about Mavis Leno

Marvis loves reading about English History

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