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Maria Victoria Henao Dead? – Pablo Escobar’s Wife

Maria Victoria Henao

Maria Victoria Henao was the wife of the late drug lord Pablo Escobar. At that moment, he was the wealthiest drug criminal who made her life a mixture of extravagance and poverty as she confronted a lot of trouble in her life because of the poor reputation of her husband. The window of a Colombian narco-terrorist, Pablo, is commonly recognized. She stayed by his side through thick and thin, despite her criminal background and extramarital affairs. She was married to Escobar until 1993 when he was shot dead. Afterward, Henao and her two kids resulted in a miserable life.

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She was born in 1961 in Colombia. She comes from Colombia. Mario’s elder brother worked with Escobar when he was at his small drug company’s early stage. Her brother became a significant member of his drug crime when she was 13 years old when Pablo met her. Love flourished between the two, and they chose to tie the knot, but owing to his reduced social status, her dad did not agree with this marriage. When Maria was just 15 years old teenager, this compelled the love-struck pair to flee. On the other side, when he married Henao, Escobar was 27 years old.
After a year of their marriage in 1977, the couple welcomed their first kid. Maria spent 17 years of her lives with drug lord Pablo Escobar before Colombian Police shot him dead in 1993.

Relationship with Pablo Escobar

Maria Victoria Henao

The connection between Maria and her budding criminal husband was good, but he was engaged in several extramarital affairs and had many mistresses. His affair with a famous journalist, Virginia Vallejo, created headlines in mainstream media but, despite understanding everything about the public affair of her husband and his other mistresses, Henao stuck by his side.
This triggered many speculations about Maria, as most individuals believe she unconditionally loves her husband, which made her bear Escobar’s faults. In her book ‘ Loving Pablo, Hating Escobar, ‘ Virginia Vallejo wrote that ‘ Henao was addicted to her extravagant lifestyle with the drug lord. ‘


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Maria Victoria Henao’s Net Worth:

After her husband’s death, Maria chose to lead a life under a shadow, so no data about her job and net worth are available. But at that moment, her husband was one of the world’s wealthiest criminals with an estimated net worth of $30 billion.

Maria Victoria Henao Early Life, Parents, and Siblings

Maria, of Colombian descent, grew up in a family of three sisters; she is the middle kid and Carlos Mario Henao Vallejo and Pastora’s younger sister. As assistant to Pablo Escobar, her brother Carlos was already in the drug business, and it was he who introduced Maria to Pablo when she was only 13 years old.

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Sebastian Maroquin Son Of Maria Pablo

Born on February 24, 1977, in Medellin, Columbia, Juan Pablo Escobar Henao is now an architect and author named Sebastian Marroquin, but his family name followed him into adulthood. He also eventually escaped to Argentina where he changed his name, but somehow, away from weapons, police, and drugs, he went to study in England. Sebastian has also appeared in the documentary “Sins of My Father” about his career and has written the book “Pablo Escobar: My Father,” released in 2014. Most of the book and documentary revenues were distributed to the victims of Pablo Escobar’s Colombian organizations and families. Sebastian has a son and is now a married guy.

Maria victoria Book

Victoria remained out of the spotlight until 2018 when she decided to share her tale with Pablo Escobar in a novel called My Life and My Jail. She argues in it that rival cartels have paid $220 million for the head of her husband. Her son operates as a lecturer and architect. The daughter of the couple has never publicly mentioned the name of her father and has cut off all connections to the family. Victoria would only say when questioned if she had any regrets, “Women who love too much unconditionally, sometimes pay a very heavy price.


Maria Victoria Henao

While Maria Victoria Henao was a spouse of notorious drug lord Pablo Escobar for a millionaire life, she was also a fashion designer and businesswoman. Instead of being known to the globe as Mrs. Escobar, she is not recognized by her profession. Pablo ran Medline Cartel that in the ’70s and 80’s smuggled more than 80% of medicines into the U.S.

What occurred to the spouse and children of Pablo Escobar after he had been shot dead?

Maria Victoria Henao had from her marriage to Pablo a son, Juan Pablo Escobar, and a daughter, Manuela Escobar. The family was unable to use its fortune after the death as the government put the estate under review. They lived in fear of Escobar’s enemies looking for vengeance. The family attempted to escape Colombia amid distress, but no nation permitted entrance let alone remain. In November 1994, the Colombian government gave them a fresh identity. The name “Maria Isabel Santos Caballero” was changed to “Juan Sebastián Marroquín Santos” and her daughter Manuela Escobar,

Maria Victoria Henao Kids Manuela Escobar and Sebastián Marroquín.

They had the chance to live in Mozambique, an African nation, year after their death. The family stayed for two weeks in Mozambique, then left looking for a fresh location. They arrived as tourists in Buenos Aires on December 24, 1994. The family lived a regular life as Maria designed works, and as healthy children attended the college. They lived an unrecognized life until the Argentine government disclosed their identity. In 1999, Maria and her son were arrested for false documentation and money laundering;

Money Laundering

she spent one year and a half in prison while her son spent a few months as well. He was not detained as a minor Manuela. The family was later cleared of charges because of insufficient evidence. Maria Victoria Henao and her kids accepted and lived life in Argentina. On December 3, 2010, Maria acquired Argentine nationality and even voted. She has expressed public gratitude for living in Argentina, “If we hadn’t left Colombia, we would all be dead. We appreciate Argentina very much.

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