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Who is Kristina Sunshine Jung? Bio, Facts 2019

Kristina Sunshine Jung

The daughter of the renowned drug smuggler George Jung and his ex-wife, Mirtha Jung, is Kristina Sunshine Jung also known as Kristina Jung. She’s not an actress or model. However, due to her off relationship with her dad, individuals are seriously interested in her life.
Drama film “Blow” shows an unhappy ending between father and daughter, based on the life of George Jung. George, an ancient prisoner, imagines that his daughter lastly came to visit him, but the visit never takes place in the film. This triggered a lot of fans with “aww..” moment and wondering what occurred in their real lives.

Kristina Sunshine Jung


Born on August 1, 1978, Kristina Sunshine Jung is now 39 years old. It was hard for her childhood to be born to drug parents; abuse and smuggling. Her dad, George, had spent several times in jail before. He continued to smuggle drugs even after her birth and did not get out of trouble.
She was a drug addict for Mirtha. She even spent time in jail after she was born. In 1981, when Kristina was about three years old, she only stopped using drugs. Kristina experienced the divorce of her parent in 1984. We can claim that she had no ordinary childhood because she lived separated from her dad. In fact, she had no opportunity of knowing him or loving him.

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Divorce of the parents of Kristina Sunshine Jung

Kristina’s life was hard because her parents were drug dealers. As we all know, nasty work doesn’t pay off; they also didn’t get what they wanted from Kristina’s parents ‘ lives. Her parents agreed with enhanced conflict that it was better to get separated than to remain together.

Grand Parents of Kristina Sunshine Jung

Her grandparents, Frederick Jung, and Ermine Jung contribute significantly to her childhood. They looked after her when they were both busted by Mirtha and George. Every season, holiday, birthday, new college year, etc., they always sent her enormous box complete of clothes and toys. It ended when Fredrick died of her grandpa. Later, her aunt, Marie Jung (as requested by her grandparents) took over until Mirth got 18.

As a consequence, on her Instagram profile, Mirtha demonstrates enormous love for her grandparents and anointing obvious. She has talked about attending high school, but no data about her education is accessible. She had a poor connection with her dad, as shown in the film. What’s going on now?
What Kind Of Relationship She Have With Her Father Did she Visit Him In the Jail.?
Also known by nickname Boston George and El Americano, George Jung smuggled cocaine and during the ’70s and early ’80s was a significant player in the cocaine trade.

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However, in 1994, when he was sentenced to 60 years in prison, the conditions altered. Movie “Blow” portrays a sour father-to-daughter connection, yeah it’s true as it occurred in real life. In jail, Kristina did not visit him.
That was “2001,” though when the film came out. A lot has altered between the pair since then. There are rumors that she visited him in spring 2002. She visited him on several previous occasions, according to TMZ. Also, when George was released in 2014, the two began reconciling their friendship a few years ago.
The two have now fully reconciled their connection, which has been broken most of their lives. At government events and functions, they are seen together. Below is a Kristina Instagram article that would wish George on his 74th birthday, which would tell you the pair’s connection.
In company, too, the two have got along. They developed the “BG Apparel and Merchandise” apparel brand, and the slogan itself speaks about their company. “I can no longer sell dope, so I’m selling dope clothing now.”

Kristina Career

Kristina Sunshine Jung

Kristina Sunshine Jung describes herself on her facebook page as a writer and poet who hasn’t been updated since 2014 and who hasn’t used her picture as well. She is also working on her mother’s book that is anticipated to be published shortly.
She made a court scene with Johnny as the court clerk in the film “Blow.” Unfortunately, the federal government demanded the deletion of the scene when the manager submitted it to Warner Bros. You can find the deleted scenes in Blow’s DVD version. Although she was not vocal about her profession, she is presently involved in the company that runs her “BG Apparel and Merchandise” apparel brand.

Kristina her Husband and Children

Her husband and kids do not know much. She was married to Romain Karan, and with him she had kids. If they are still together, it is not known. Her daughter’s name is Athena Romina Karan. Kristina, including San Mateo, Concord, Millbrae, Napa, Pittsburg, and Walnut Creek, lived most of her life in California.

NetWorth of Kristina Sunshine Jung

Once in her Facebook, Kristina Sunshine Jung updated a position stating she was a writer and a poet. The net worth of Kristine Sunshine Jung is about $150 thousand. Her sources of revenue and wage were not revealed anywhere.
As she used to stay away from the limelight, disclosing the source of revenue is very difficult for us. However, the woman proved to be an excellent promoter of the BG Apparel and merchandise clothing line. That created suppositions and hypotheses among the friends, the family, and the general population to ask even more about their father and their own lives, making them a topic of prattle and other more unsafe social abhorrence. She has thus kept the mystery always in her own life and has only come into the spotlight from time to time. Since Katrina Sunshine Jung Net worth and her father had always been a great name and an outstanding figure of the United States, he was able to produce a considerable measure of intrigue, and the Hollywood chose to take a picture of the life of Boston George, the immense El Americano.
In the film entitled “Blow” that made it to the screens in 2001, the character of the street pharmacist was performed by none other than Jhonny Depp, his adoration intrigue, his wife and his girl’s mother.