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Kimberly Anne Scott – Interesting Facts And More

Kimberly Anne Scott

Kimberly Anne Scott is the former wife of Eminem. She was born 9th January 1975 in Warren Michigan United States of America.

Mostly because of her tumultuous relationship with her ex-husband, Eminem, Kimberly Anne Scott produced headlines. Kimberly and the renowned rapper, Eminem, were sweethearts from high school. They were twice married and had three kids, but nothing was able to save their marriage. They were brought together by music, but it was also one of the reasons for their separation. Kim, as she is popularly known, has also tried on quite a few occasions to end her life and post her inability, becoming a drug addict. On the other side, Eminem began to show an enormous dislike for Kim. He’s said bad stuff about her in many of his songs.

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The Volatile Relationship

Eminem and Kimberly Anne Scott met the first time in their early teens. They encountered at a party in the house when she saw him singing the song of LL Cool J, ‘ I Am Bad ‘ while on top of a table. She was 13 and Eminem was 15 Kim started liked him instantly that was the beginning of their relationship. It’s said music brings them close as we know they had a problematic childhood played a crucial role in developing a relationship. Kim and her twin sister ran away from their home because of their stepfather abusive and alcoholic behavior. They discovered refuge in a Detroit outskirts center. Eminem experience same childhood .he was disowned by his father and spent is the most time in rehab centers.

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Kimberly Anne Scott asked Eminem after the party can she and her twin sister can move to some safe place. Eminem took them in his own home where he was living with his mother. Eminem mom had shocking expressions after she saw them; however, days passed by Eminem mother start liking Kim and become fond of her. According to her, Kim was pretty, and she had a magnificent figure she also said that Kim looked older than she was.

Kim got pregnant while she was living in the Eminem house. Kim and Eminem’s relationship was soured at that time. However, she gave birth to her first baby girl in 1995 named Hailey Jade.

Although they had a troubled relationship, Eminem and Kim decided to get married, they tied a knot in 1999 but did not work out for their relationship. In his lyrics, Eminem integrated his hatred of Kim. In 2000, he composed a song and called it ‘ Kim. ‘ The song ‘ The Marshall Mathers LP ‘ was included in the album. The following year they got divorced.

Kim was devastated following the divorce. Not because she was still in love with Eminem, but because she had to deal with her finances without a continuous job. Kim started taking drugs as a way to escape. Her first arrest warrant for cocaine consumption was awarded in 2001. But she was not convicted.


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Troubles With The Law:


In 2003, Kimberly Anne Scott was charged with possession of drugs. After being discovered carrying cocaine and owning a suspended driving license, she was taken into custody. Kim reconciled with Eminem to post her release, and they began living together again. They even remarried in 2006, but three months later they were divided.

Kim’s twin died of a drug overdose in 2016, and her daughter, Alaina Marie Mathers, was adopted by Eminem. Eminem also accepted Kim’s unlawful kid she conceived after being in a short relationship with an unidentified person. Kim was charged in 2015 with attempted suicide. She admitted to being high and then drove her black Escalade to crash the vehicle. The event took place in Macomb County at 23 Mile and Card Roads.

Eminem did all he could to show his hatred of Kim. After making a promise, he wouldn’t say a word about their relationship; he once invited Kim to his concert. But while on stage, he punched a doll representing Kim while she was raping lousy stuff about her. Eminem caught Kim kissing a bouncer outside of a nightclub in another incident. He violently attacked the guy he was later detained for. In his song ‘ The Kiss (Skit) ‘ for the album, ‘ The Eminem Show ‘ Eminem stated this event.

Kimberly Anne Scott Family


She is the daughter of Casimer Sluck and Kathleen Sluck. Kim had only one sibling called Dawn Scott; she died in 2016 because of overdose. Kim got four daughters.

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Kimberly Anne Scott Net Worth

Kimberly Anne Scott net worth is around 2million Us dollars although as no job. By being the spouse of a world-famous rapper, she gained a lot of wealth.

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